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Wealth In Humility
Tonia O. Alabi

Reflecting on the goings- on in our world now, and the nature of human beings especially as revealed in the events happening around the world in this special and never to be forgotten Year 2020, I have come to the realization that Man has become proud, proud in a negative way.

God the Father, who is rich in glory came to this world presenting Himself as a child and as one who has nothing, born in an animal stable and lived the life of one who has nothing. Yet, He owns it all as He reigns as King of the Universe from one generation to another.

The above reference is made to remind us of the way we have to live our lives. The God who created us to serve Him and to love Him, came into the world to show us out to live as His followers. If truly we are His followers, then humility should be our way of life and we should only be proud in Him who lives in us and gave us life in abundance. We own all in Christ.

The Word in Galatians 3: 26- 28 says, “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”

Our way of life is quite contrary to that which has been handed over to us. Nations pride themselves over other nations, tribes over tribes, families over families and on and on it goes till we have put our world in jeopardy. Peace surely has eluded this world, and this is what we see and hear when we watch and listen to News broadcasts from everywhere around the world.

The quest for wealth and the desire to be great has become the order of the day and some people will do whatever it takes to have them. Yes, wealth is good but wealth is in diverse forms and it only depends on how you view it. We are all gifted and as heirs to His throne we are rich, and will be rich. God’s idea of wealth is quite different from that of Man. And that is where we have missed it. To God, to be wealthy, is to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

We have many Motivational Speakers around the world now, they are sharing the wealth of God which is the wisdom of successful living or entrepreneurship that He has given to them. We have Nations that are blessed with diverse resources and they have used them to help other Nations unconditionally. But many others are using their wealth of resources to enslave others, or using it to divide the people of that nation.

Ephesians 2:17 -19 says, that we are citizens of one Kingdom, for He Christ has come in Peace to us. Therefore, we are to share His peace with one another as one people in Christ.

It is common now to see members of families who have made some money either justly or unjustly, become so proud and would look down on every other member of their family. Their disposition and discourse depict pride in all forms. They can no longer appreciate the person of others. This creates enmity and strife. Grudge and evil thoughts are borne. This attitude is now what we see reflecting in the Political Class and the way they handle the affairs of the people they govern, be it at the local government level, state or federal. The wealth of the nations is seen to be theirs and they feel they cannot be questioned about it. The poor man utters supplication, but the rich man answers roughly. Proverb 28:11

What do we say of the few in governance earning more than the whole of the people they are supposed to be serving put together. Heads of Institutions takes up the assets and resources of the institution and brags that no one can question his action. An opportune spouse lords over the partner because he/ she is earning more and progressing more than the other. A friend looks down on a friend because of new opportunities that have come his/ her way.

Remember, brothers, sisters, tribes, and nations the wealth you been given do not belong to you. You are only custodians responsible for ensuring God’s wealth is well shared, that all God’s creation may be blessed by it through you. When we realise this we become humbled. We look out for others and as we share with others our wealth, we become richer. The people around us become happier and peace of God reigns among His children. Amassing wealth only brings you trouble, and losses. When we are able to make members of our family happy by sharing God’s blessings and peace with them, He watches our back and protects us from any evil. That is if we continue to put ourselves and our affairs in His care.

We as a people (Kingdom People) must make an effort to spread God’s wealth amongst ourselves, helping each other. We must be humble to be accountable to those we lead and even in our families. Then truly our families will be more united, our communities will be safer, peaceful and prosperous. This will extend to our localities, states and nations and life will be more worth living.
Let us continue to pray in our families, that God will make the necessary changes in us and in our world. May God see us through this year 2020 and bring us to see His goodness in the land of the Living in the new year and the years to come.

Humble yourself that you may be wealthy in the Lord and we will all be Winners in Christ.

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Reflecting on the goings- on in our world now, and the nature of human beings especially as revealed in the events happening around the world in this special and never to be forgotten Year 2020, I have come to the realization that Man has become proud, proud in a negative way.

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