Catholic Africa is a directory of parishes in Africa which we intend to develop over time. We will continue to update the list until we cover the entire continent. It is our desire that you are able to attend mass whereever you find yourself on the continent.

We will appreciate readers sending us details of their parishes for listing.

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Jesus Is Enough
The past month was traumatic for me. It was as if the whole world had a plan to frustrate me, every facet from family to work and much more. I was troubled and confused to the point of asking myself if I would be able to cope. I was tired, broken and just needed assurance and some rest.
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Cover Choice

Mary, Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven is a title that was originally given to a number of pagan goddesses and then later applied by Christians, mainly Catholics to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and also, to some extent, in Eastern Orthodoxy, to whom the title is a consequence of the First Council of Ephesus in the fifth century, in which the Virgin Mary was proclaimed "theotokos", a title rendered in Latin as Mater Dei, in English "Mother of God".
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Our Faith

How to to Overcome Sins and Faults of the Tongue
Each one of my Carmelite Sisters, including myself, is required to make an eight-day silent retreat yearly. When we first entered Carmel, silence was difficult for us. It was new. Many of us spend our first eight-day retreat simply meditating with growing astonishment that anyone could even keep quiet for eight full days
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Burnout is a physical, mental or spiritual collapse due to exhaustion or wear out. A person going through the experience of burnout loses so much energy without having a source of replacement.
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Winning Family

Counting Our Blessings: A Blessing In Itself
Many more times, our prayers are based (informed)by) on what we think we are yet to achieve, receive or secured from, while we forget those we have achieved, received or have been saved from.
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Faith & Business

Four Steps to Forgiveness at Work
The first step to forgiveness is seeing your coworkers from God’s perspective. Take your eyes off the offender and look up to the Savior. Jesus sees each of us as eternally significant beings with brilliant potential. God’s vantage point teaches that we have all sinned and that we are all helpless without the blood of Christ.
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Young & Catholic

Love and Responsibility: Beyond the Sexual Urge
In particular, we saw how utilitarianism weakens our relationships by getting us to value people primarily in terms of some pleasure or benefit we receive from our relationships with them.
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Tonic For The Soul

Benefits of Overcoming Doubt & Trying New Things
Rooted deeply in each of us is uncertainty. Human beings are creatures of habit. We want to find the TV remote where we left it (where it has always been), to be guaranteed the salary comes in next month (as it always does). We want to be sure we don’t die (from eating that new soup).
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