Catholic Africa is a directory of parishes in Africa which we intend to develop over time. We will continue to update the list until we cover the entire continent. It is our desire that you are able to attend mass whereever you find yourself on the continent.

We will appreciate readers sending us details of their parishes for listing.

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Message Of His Holiness Pope Francis For Lent 2019
Dear Brothers and Sisters
Each year, through Mother Church, God “gives us this joyful season when we prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed… as we recall the great events that gave us new life in Christ” ...
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Cover Choice

Ash Wednesday in the Catholic Church
In the Roman Catholic Church, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, the season of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.
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Our Faith

Finding everyday holiness in Lent
Beginning with Sunday Mass, there are countless ways to get in touch with the Church's spirit of Lent.
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The History of Lent
What are the origins of Lent? Did the Church always have this time before Easter? Lent is a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works in preparation of the celebration of Easter.
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Winning Family

Think Mercy! Show Mercy!
The theme of the Jubilee year as pronounced by Pope Francis was Mercy. To appreciate the theme, one needs to think through the reason why God Almighty, The Omnipotent will send His only Begotten Son to the land of man – The earth.
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Faith & Business

4 Ways To Optimise Your Lent Using Business Techniques
Catholic tradition sets aside the 40 days prior to Easter as a period of prayer, penance, and repentance. I typically head into Lent like most Catholics do, having chosen a couple of sacrifices that will fulfil my obligations and remind me of the reason for the season. This year I chose to do something different.
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Young & Catholic

Spiritual Development for our Youth
Most of us youth in today's fast moving world are easily thrown off by difficulties and worries.
Some of us use it as an excuse to turn their backs on God and stay away from the Church. They often wonder why they should have to go through all what they are experiencing if God truly loves and cares for them.
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Tonic For The Soul

What Can I Do Before Lent Begins?
Anything worth doing is worth preparing for.
Just imagine that this Lent is going to be different from every other Lent we've experienced. Imagine that there will be many graces offered us this year...
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