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Benefits of Overcoming Doubt & Trying New Things

Change is not popular; we are creatures of habit as human beings. 'I want it to be the way it was.' But if you continue the way it was there will be no 'is. - Robin Williams

Rooted deeply in each of us is uncertainty. Human beings are creatures of habit.
We want to find the TV remote where we left it (where it has always been), to be guaranteed the salary comes in next month (as it always does). We want to be sure we don’t die (from eating that new soup).
Humans love novelty, but we don’t like the change that brings it – it scares us to no end.

So, we adopt routines and rituals, whilst avoiding risk and probabilities. Why is it so hard to try new things? The habit of trying new things every once in a while brings about the better, and sometimes best experiences.

The Excitement of New Experiences
It's learning a new skill, moving to a new place, or testing the yummy soup (with the weird name and funny look) that makes you kick yourself for not doing it earlier. The benefits of trying new things range from beneficial to crucial.
For example, you could decide to start listening to the top trending songs across different genres on each week. This small decision to try out new songs may not increase your salary, but would definitely lead to the discovery of a handful of amazing songs you would have otherwise never heard, hence improving your enjoyment of life.

What is acceptable is mostly mundane, redundant, and repetitive – it is the safe thing. That is why things that go too far, too soon, fail spectacularly. It is the reason many great technologies take years to catch on. And it is the reason many individuals never live their lives to the fullest.

In the spirit of changing things up, today we are talking about why you should try new things. You don't have to start by climbing a mountain, just doing one small thing can begin a snowball effect of healthy and happy changes in your world!

Benefits Of Trying New Things

1. Brings About Fun, Enjoyment and Happiness
Perhaps the first and most immediate thing you realize when you start trying out new things is how thrilling some of the experiences can be. It can awaken your sense of adventure and excites you. How much it is enjoyable – and mesmerizes you to seek out more, and more. Though you might encounter some sour grapes, the good ones are generally much more delightful than you could ever imagine.

2. Helps You Discover Your Passion and Interests
In the course of trying out new things, we get to discover what we truly enjoy, and those things we really don't. You may sometimes discover that the things, people, and places you thought you enjoyed didn’t really excite you as much as you thought because they were what you had at the time. By expanding the breadth of your experiences, you get to know for sure if you like something or someone, and if you detest others.

3. Forces You to Get Creative, and Improve
Exposed to danger, discomfort, or when encountering a challenge, you are forced to level up – to get creative, resourceful, and push your limits. Moments like these bring out the best in you. The change can be as simple as pushing the limits of what you were accustomed to, or as taking on a whole new challenge, requiring a fresh set of skills, knowledge, tools, and approaches. In any case, you are forced to become a better version of yourself.

4. Helps You Overcome Your Fears
Doing new things can be very scary. But you must understand that fear is only a way your mind tries to restrain you from doing what “feels” dangerous; feelings are not “evidence” of danger.
True, new things come with a level of danger, but most aren’t lethal. And once you take the risk, and realize you didn’t die. Life went on, or maybe it got a whole lot better because of taking the risk.
That fear (that restrains billions of people) loses its grip over you. You become unstoppable.

5. Opens Up New Opportunities
A lot of the time, doing the things everyone else is too afraid to do bring about the biggest rewards. But this doesn’t mean you should jump headfirst into danger; but that after careful analysis you should not hesitate to take action. It is usually such boldness that brings fortune.

6. Enriches Your Life With a Sense Of Accomplishment
Perhaps the worst regret of people in their sick beds is not having done the things they most wanted to do – especially when it wasn’t because of real limitations, but because of their cowardice.
Another very sad prospect to consider is that many people die without even knowing their full potentials, the endless possibilities, and the overall life they would have led.
Remember - how can you achieve something if you never try to get there? Who cares if you fail...you now have a new life experience, and maybe a good story. It's rare for anyone to be great at something the first time. But at least they know if they want to try it again.

Go and Try Something Different
Earth is massive, with lots of interesting people, and things hidden in fascinating places and corners; all with their exotic looks, perspectives, and ways of life.
Don’t limit yourself to the physical, cultural, and social environment you were born and raised within, explore the world – it is a gift to you. Enjoy it!

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Rooted deeply in each of us is uncertainty. Human beings are creatures of habit. We want to find the TV remote where we left it (where it has always been), to be guaranteed the salary comes in next month (as it always does). We want to be sure we don’t die (from eating that new soup).

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